Do you worry about paying for your family’s health care? Are you unsatisfied with the cost and coverage of your current health insurance plan? A Christian health plan, available through a Christian healthcare ministry, could be an affordable faith-based solution for your family. The monthly cost of membership in a Christian health plan is generally lower than the cost of monthly premiums for traditional health insurance.

The rising cost of health care is leading a growing number of consumers today to consider this alternative to traditional health insurance. A Christian healthcare ministry is not an insurance company. Ministries do not “insure” individuals and families. Instead, they “share” healthcare costs among members, who pay a monthly fee that is typically less than a monthly health insurance premium. These types of plans welcome new members who can honor a Statement of Beliefs, by which the program operates.

Christian Healthcare Ministries and the concept of Healthcare Sharing are commonly referred to by several different names, such as:

  • Christian healthcare insurance
  • Christian health plans
  • Christian health care
  • Christian health insurance
  • Christian medical insurance

Here’s what you may not know about Christian health plans:

Christian health plans are an acceptable option under the Affordable Care Act. You can opt out of Obamacare’s mandate that you have health insurance coverage by joining a Christian healthcare ministry. There are three levels of coverage to choose from: Basic, Standard, and the highest level of benefits, Comprehensive. Eligible medical needs are listed in the membership guidelines.

There is no open enrollment restriction. Unlike traditional health insurance, there’s no enrollment period. You can sign up anytime, provided you meet membership criteria. That makes Christian health plans an important option for people who have lost coverage but do not have a qualifying life event entitling them to a special enrollment period.

You take your plan with you. One problem with leaving an employer that offers health insurance coverage is having to find replacement coverage or looking for employment within another company that offers health insurance. Your Christian health plan is portable.

Christian health plans have networks, just like health insurance plans. Members of Christian healthcare ministries often have a wide range of participating providers, so there’s a good chance that you won’t have to switch physicians. In addition, the Christian health plans we work with at Health Choice One provide members free access to telemedicine visits 24/7/365. Being able to see a doctor over a video conference on your laptop or smartphone is growing in popularity due to convenience.