I don’t believe in keeping good information all to myself- I believe useful, quality articles should be shared so that everyone can benefit. This one particular piece of info comes from what has been one of my favorite magazines since I was in high school- Cosmopolitan. Written in 2015, this article is a little outdated. Besides the tax penalty amount and poverty level (which have since increased), all of the details are pure gold as far as health insurance explanations are concerned.

I enjoyed reading this article for a few reasons:

  • The article focuses on people in their 20s, who maybe don’t have the highest understanding of health insurance or the importance of it. Younger people generally aren’t too concerned about health insurance because more times than not, they’re generally in good health and therefore don’t see health insurance as very important to their wellbeing. This article highlights a few ways that health insurance can benefit you and why it actually is important to have even when you’re young
  • It provides a really solid explanation of insurance terms. HMOs, PPOs, deductibles… what do they mean? This article explains these in layman’s terms that you’re guaranteed to understand
  • It specifically mentions benefits available to women. Under the Affordable Care Act, many preventive services are available at no charge, and many of these preventive services are specific to women. I remember the days of receiving a bill in the mail for a pap test and paying a copay just go get into the office to have it done. Not anymore, thanks to Obamacare. There are multiple benefits women receive under the ACA and this article points those out for you.

The perfectionist in me tends to never be completely satisfied with anything, and unfortunately, this article is no exception. One detail I must clarify for the author:

  • It is not actually illegal to go without health insurance. You’re not going to whisked away to jail for being uninsured. If you don’t qualify for an exemption, you will likely be hit with a tax penalty (which is getting more and more pricey), but it’s technically not illegal to be without.

Without further ado, for your reading pleasure, 11 Essential Things Every Twentysomething Needs to Know About Health Insurance