As a health insurance brokerage, the majority of information we provide is geared toward, you guessed it- health insurance! However, the Affordable Care Act actually spans beyond just health insurance and attempts to improve all things health care. You’ll be surprised to learn that the ACA does more than you know.

I stumbled upon an article that was posted on Twitter yesterday that provides a comprehensive overview of all the ACA has actually done. The article from the White House details a few things most people already know- insurers cannot deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions, children can stay on their parents’ insurance until they’re 26, and subsidies help lower health insurance costs for those who are eligible.

The ACA does so much more than that, though, and it’s important to know how it’s attempting to improve the quality and access to all facets of health care. The article highlights how more data is available on physicians and hospitals to help consumers compare providers, incentives for hospitals to improve quality, and other steps to improve quality and accountability in health care all together.

The ACA is benefiting us in so many ways we may not even realize, so I highly recommend taking a few moments to scan the article. It’s definitely worth the read:
Health Care Reform that Benefits All Americans