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Funny Health Insurance Definitions

We know that health insurance is a pretty heavy subject, so we are among the many who can appreciate a good health insurance joke. We stumbled upon a Buzzfeed article that asked people to define some of the most basic terms. We also took the liberty of adding a few of our own. Give them […]

Covered: The Health Insurance Term You’re Misusing

Our agents hear it all the time, “is it covered?” You’ve probably asked this question before when buying health insurance, be it out loud or just in your head. Before every doctor visit or procedure, I ask it myself, too… However, I’ve only recently realized that what I’m asking is not what I really mean…

Say […]

Common Health Insurance Terms Explained

“She has a really low premium and her copay for the doctor was only $25, but she found out she has to have surgery and hasn’t yet met her $3000 deductible. Her 80/20 coinsurance will kick in, though, and she’ll probably meet her out-of-pocket maximum.”

….does that sentence have you staring at your screen with a […]