The relationship we have with our doctor is a unique one. Your doctor knows intimate details about your body and your health, and is familiar with your medical history. It takes a while to build up this trust with your doctor, so having to abruptly switch to a new health care provider can be pretty nerve-wracking, uncomfortable, awkward, disturbing… and the list goes on.

I've had my doctor for 10 years! Being able to select a health insurance plan that lets me still see my doctor makes things so much easier!!

Good news, though! You might be able to save yourself the embarrassment and anxiety of getting a new physician! If your health insurance plan changes and you worry about getting a new doctor, you may be able to stay with your current doctor if your plan allows.

How Do I Keep My Doctor?

When purchasing a health plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace (, you’ll see that the majority of plans work with a specific network of health care providers. These specific people- doctors, specialists, hospitals, etc., are contracted by your plan to deliver health care services.1

It’s easy to find out if your health care provider is included in the plan’s network! If you’re searching the Marketplace plans yourself, each plan has a link that you

can follow to see what providers are accepted under the plan.1 Even better, if you’re searching for a new plan with a licensed agent like Health Choice One, just let them know your doctors’ names and they can check for you on the spot to see if they’re covered under the plan that you are interested in!

It might take you a few tries to find a plan you like with your current doctor, but a few extra minutes is probably worth it to avoid explaining embarrassing bodily functions to a new face.

If a doctor is just a doctor to you and you are not concerned about seeing a new one, then you are free to choose any plan you like without having to verify the network of doctors first.

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