Is a Faith-based Health Plan Right for You?

Did you know that there’s a more affordable alternative to health insurance for keeping your family healthy? Faith-based health plans, open to people of any faith and/or who believe in a higher power, are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience and affordability. If you’re looking for a solution to the rising cost and complexity […]

The Future of Health Insurance

Since the morning after Election Day, we’ve received calls from clients wondering what they should do about their health insurance and how health insurance may change with a new president on the horizon.

The soundest advice we can offer at this time is to keep your health insurance if you have it, and continue to […]

2016 – 2017 Important Dates

Open Enrollment Period is the three months at the end of the year when individuals have the opportunity to shop for new health insurance plans. Below are some of the most important dates to mark on your calendar, including when Open Enrollment starts and ends, and dates when coverage will be effective. We suggest writing […]

The Coverage Gap

Years ago, when the Affordable Care Act was first implemented, our country saw high numbers of uninsured individuals, reaching around 42 million in 2013.6 The new health care reform law aimed to make health insurance more affordable and more accessible, and to hopefully lower that number. Several years into the Affordable Care Act, we have […]

Keeping Health Coverage With COBRA

If I asked, “what is COBRA?” how would you answer? Hint: the answer is not snake or car… not in this context, anyway. In the world of health insurance, COBRA stands for Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act. If that means absolutely nothing to you, I promise to explain it in a way that makes much […]

Changes to Obamacare

As time goes on, some flaws in the Affordable Care Act have become more and more apparent. The Department of Health and Human Services has finalized three changes that will occur next year in the 38 states who use the federal exchange to purchase health insurance. These Obamacare changes coming next year are intended to […]

What Does ACA-Compliant Mean?

I spend my days sifting through articles and research surrounding the health insurance world. Recently I’ve noticed that a lot of writers write as if they’re only trying to speak to those who understand health insurance in its entirety. Clearly, those who completely understand health insurance are not the majority. Quite the opposite actually.

That […]

The ACA Does More than You Know

As a health insurance brokerage, the majority of information we provide is geared toward, you guessed it- health insurance! However, the Affordable Care Act actually spans beyond just health insurance and attempts to improve all things health care. You’ll be surprised to learn that the ACA does more than you know.

I stumbled upon an article […]

Don’t Let Obamacare Ruin Your Tax Return

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When you enroll in a Marketplace plan, you’re asked to provide your expected income for the coming year to determine your subsidy eligibility. After you enroll, you’re then strongly encouraged to report any changes in your income in the coming year. As it turns out, there’s a reason you’re told to […]

Preventive Care for Women

We talk quite a bit about the benefits of Obamacare- from the subsidies available to make it more affordable to no longer allowing insurance companies to deny someone coverage because of pre-existing conditions. However, as a female myself, I feel that one HUGE benefit of Obamacare is not mentioned enough, and that’s preventive care for […]