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Tips from Cosmopolitan– Who Can Resist?

I don’t believe in keeping good information all to myself- I believe useful, quality articles should be shared so that everyone can benefit. This one particular piece of info comes from what has been one of my favorite magazines since I was in high school- Cosmopolitan. Written in 2015, this article is a little outdated. […]

Funny Health Insurance Definitions

We know that health insurance is a pretty heavy subject, so we are among the many who can appreciate a good health insurance joke. We stumbled upon a Buzzfeed article that asked people to define some of the most basic terms. We also took the liberty of adding a few of our own. Give them […]

Health Insurers Dropping Like Flies

Okay, health insurance carriers aren’t dropping as rapidly as the title may imply, but many of our favorite providers have either considered leaving the health exchanges or have already done so. If you’re someone like me who gets unhealthily (no pun intended) attached to your insurance company, you may be curious to know why your […]

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have health insurance?

-Under Obamacare, almost everyone is required to have health insurance, unless they qualify for an exemption. You can learn more about this and several other changes about health insurance here.

Does it cost me anything to use a licensed agent at Health Choice One to enroll in a health […]

10 Obvious (and not so obvious) Ways to Cut Costs on Health Expenses

Buying health insurance is kind of a catch 22. On one hand, you shell out money every month for something you may never use. On the other hand, though, who actually wants to have a reason to use their health insurance? Never have I heard someone say “gee, I wish I would get sick so […]

My Experience Buying Insurance With HCO

Okay, so it wasn’t me who actually bought the policy… it was my boyfriend. BUT his phone was on speaker when he was talking to the agent, and I did chime in with questions, so I still consider this to be an experience of my own, too. But let me back up a second.

Hurry Up […]

Offsetting High Deductibles

When you’re in the market to buy health insurance, it’s tempting to go with what’s cheap. However, what costs you less each month won’t necessarily cost you less in the long-run because your out-of-pocket expenses can get pretty hefty if you actually need to use your insurance. Luckily, Health Choice One has a solution to […]

What HCO Can Do for You

It’s a well-known fact that most people don’t enjoy shopping for health insurance. That’s actually putting it lightly, because a 2014 Bankrate study found that almost a third of Americans say health insurance shopping is as bad as having a tooth filled and 74% of them say it’s at least as bad as being squished […]

Think Twice Before You Cancel Your Health Insurance

As a writer for this site, it is my job (one of my jobs, anyway) to stay on top of issues plaguing the health insurance world, and more importantly, the consumers of health insurance. This requires hours of reading and research of blogs, news articles, and information on government-run websites. My recent research has increasingly […]

Getting a Marketplace Plan When Job-based Coverage is Available

As of 2015, employers with 100 or more full-time (or full-time equivalent, working 30+ hours each week) employees must offer them and their dependents health insurance, or possibly be faced with a fine.2 If you work for an organization of this size and are offered health insurance, you may not like any of the plans […]