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Christian Health Plans FAQ

Interested in a Christian health plan? If you’re looking for a solution to the rising cost of health insurance, you owe it to yourself to learn more about this option for keeping your family healthy. These plans facilitate the sharing of medical expenses among groups of Christian individuals and families who have united to share […]

The Many Benefits of Dental Insurance

It’s a fact: People who have dental insurance are more likely to see a dentist twice a year and address problems with their teeth in a timely manner. That’s because most dental insurance plans cover most or all the cost of twice-yearly exams and make addressing problems with your teeth more affordable.

Regular dental care, included […]

The Importance of Vision Insurance

You only get one set of eyes. That’s why vision insurance is so important. Vision insurance helps you pay for regular eye exams, which can help detect and treat a variety of eye problems. Several serious eye conditions such as glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, and age-related macular degeneration provide no early warning signs or symptoms […]

Is a Christian Health Plan Right for You and Your Family?

Do you worry about paying for your family’s health care? Are you unsatisfied with the cost and coverage of your current health insurance plan? A Christian health plan, available through a Christian healthcare ministry, could be an affordable faith-based solution for your family. The monthly cost of membership in a Christian health plan is generally […]

Which Christian Health Plan Should You Choose?

At Health Choice One, we want you to know that you have more options than you probably realize when it comes to protecting your family’s heath. One alternative to traditional health insurance that you may not know about: Christian health plans. These plans are not traditional health insurance coverage. They are health plans offered by […]

Young and Healthy? You Still Need Health Insurance

Have you received a notice that you are no longer eligible for health insurance coverage through your parent’s plan? Young adults generally can remain covered by a parent’s health insurance policy, but only until they turn 26. Each year, many young adults find themselves in the situation of reaching that age but not having access […]

Is a Faith-based Health Plan Right for You?

Did you know that there’s a more affordable alternative to health insurance for keeping your family healthy? Faith-based health plans, open to people of any faith and/or who believe in a higher power, are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience and affordability. If you’re looking for a solution to the rising cost and complexity […]

The Future of Health Insurance

Since the morning after Election Day, we’ve received calls from clients wondering what they should do about their health insurance and how health insurance may change with a new president on the horizon.

The soundest advice we can offer at this time is to keep your health insurance if you have it, and continue to […]

2016 – 2017 Important Dates

Open Enrollment Period is the three months at the end of the year when individuals have the opportunity to shop for new health insurance plans. Below are some of the most important dates to mark on your calendar, including when Open Enrollment starts and ends, and dates when coverage will be effective. We suggest writing […]

The Coverage Gap

Years ago, when the Affordable Care Act was first implemented, our country saw high numbers of uninsured individuals, reaching around 42 million in 2013.6 The new health care reform law aimed to make health insurance more affordable and more accessible, and to hopefully lower that number. Several years into the Affordable Care Act, we have […]