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Do you follow your doctor’s orders?

“Doctor’s orders” is a cliché for doing something, no matter what the objections might be, because it’s necessary for health or life. So, it’s astounding that 30% of Americans are not following their doctor’s instructions on prescription medication, and 50% don’t follow their advice on long-term treatments for chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease.
Two […]

What is four-dimensional health?

Are you healthy in four-dimensions? According to the World Health Organization, the four dimensions of health are physical, mental, social and spiritual health. They are all intertwined, each affecting all the others. For example, we all know that having a cold can make us feel down emotionally. Lack of sleep or a flu can make […]

The best ways to control your health care costs

In a time of rising costs for everything from food to cars to luxuries, families are looking at one of the biggest items in their budget: health care.

Health insurance, whether an ACA (“Obamacare”) plan or a faith-based health cost-sharing plan, is expensive. Health care itself is getting more and more expensive. As a result, many […]

Staying healthy in the New Year

The busy time of year has arrived again. The season of celebrations and gatherings. The season of activities and shopping. And it’s almost 2020!

It’s also the time of year when colds and flus are going around. It’s inevitable that these things spread, because people are getting together more frequently and in larger groups. We’re sharing […]

Should a small business owner offer healthcare benefits?

Are you a small business owner wondering about offering health insurance coverage for your employees? It may seem like something only larger corporations do, but in reality, health insurance is one of the main reasons people choose certain jobs.

In fact, according to this study done by Glassdoor, 4 out of 5 (or 79 percent) of employees would […]

Avoid these mistakes when buying health insurance

ACA health insurance or fixed indemnity plan? Co-pay? Premium? Co-insurance?

Health insurance is complex and confusing. Here are nine mistakes to avoid when you’re looking for a health insurance plan for yourself and your family.

Mistake 1: Not buying health insurance

Even though there is no longer a tax penalty for going without health insurance, don’t make the […]

The basic terminology of health insurance

To make the health insurance choice that’s right for you and your family, you have to start with understanding the basic terms. Here’s a quick start on your journey to understanding health insurance terminology.

Health insurance is a policy or a contract between an individual and an insurance company to pay a portion of the individual’s health […]

Understanding health insurance series: Deductible

Making the right choice in a health insurance plan requires understanding how it works. Health insurance in the United States can be complex and confusing. One of the most complex concepts in our current system is the deductible.

Let’s take a closer look at the deductible: what it is, how it works, and how it affects […]

I don’t have a job. Can I still get health insurance?

Too often many of the people who pay for their own medical bills think nothing major will happen to them or their family. They may believe it’s cheaper to pay for a one-off bill involving a sprained ankle or a broken arm than it is to pay for regular insurance bills. While that can be […]

What is Fixed Indemnity Health Insurance?

American families have choice in health insurance. Many are covered as a member of a group health insurance plan provided by their employer. If not, you can buy a health insurance plan from the marketplace of the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”), a short-term health insurance plan, a Christian health insurance plan or other faith-based health […]