I’m The Doctor, and this is my companion.

  • 02

    Welcome to the world!

    Health Choice One is born in Colorado.

    Baby Silhouette

  • 03
    Yosemite Drive

    First building!

    Health Choice One can’t sit still and begins a series of moves in CO- first stop, Yosemite Office.

  • 04

    Health Choice One puts on a suit!

    Health Choice One is incorporated- we are officially official!

    Suit Silhouette

  • Key Bank Building

    Second building!

    On the move to the Key Bank building! We needed space!

  • 05

    Are we there yet?

    Health Choice One moves to Terrace Towers. Still growing!

    Family Car

  • 07
    Family Car

    No! Don’t make me get out of this car!

    Off to another new location, and another adventure- Greenwood Plaza. These pants don’t fit anymore.

  • 08

    WE’RE NUMBER 1!!!!!!

    Health Choice One becomes the number 1 producing agency in the country for Humana.

    Number 1 Hand

  • Sheriff

    There’s a new sheriff in town!

    A new governor brings changes to the way insurance is sold, so HCO sets out on the mission to get licensed to sell insurance in 37 states across the country.

  • 10

    Health Choice One gets a face lift!

    The Denver call center opens!

    Call Center Opens

  • Bucking Bull

    Holy Crap! How do you drive this thing?

    Another wrench is thrown into our plan! The Affordable Care Act is signed in to law on March 23. Insurance regulations are drastically changed and for a minute, we freak out.

    False alarm on the freak out, though- Health Choice One continues to thrive!

  • 11

    Health Choice One gets a twin?

    Our Akron office opens! Though this is our second office, our CEO has dubbed this wonderful location “the original.”


  • 13
    Body Builder

    Look at those muscles!

    With about 30 reps now, our company growth is about to sky-rocket

  • 14

    Triplets! Ok, this is just getting ridiculous!

    The Health Choice One family has expanded as we welcome our new Columbus office!


  • People Growth

    Talk about growth!

    Our team of reps doubles to 60 from the year before!

  • 15

    Going to need a calculator soon!

    The trend continues! Double again: We now have 125 reps working to serve our clients!


  • People Growth

    WE’RE NUMBER 1!!!!!! Déjà vu?

    Health Choice One is the number 1 call center in the country for UnitedHealthcare short-term insurance plans.

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