Andrew – Licensed Health Insurance Agent

An expert in the health insurance field, Andrew has been with been with Health Choice One for four years. Prior to working at HCO, he always had a background in sales, including but not limited to cell phones and vacuum cleaners (yes, vacuum cleaners… ask him about it :). While his experience is impressive, his honesty is what makes Drew truly stand out.

Of his previous sales endeavors, Drew enjoys his position at Health Choice One the most. He really finds satisfaction in helping people, and has the chance to make that happen every day. Customers come to him with a problem for why they need health coverage, and Drew thrives on the opportunity to provide them with a gratifying solution that best suits them.

Drew identifies his top priorities as being ethical and suitable, and goes out of his way to do what is best for you. In the insurance business, he recognizes that there are many companies out there who are just out to make a buck, but Drew won’t stand for that. He prides himself in being extremely upfront and honest, and will not push someone into something that they are not positive they want. You won’t find honesty and integrity like this anywhere else!