Whether you have an ACA health insurance plan or a Christian health plan, a healthy lifestyle should be part of your health insurance calculation. In fact, healthy living, including diet, activity and other factors, fits into a Christian health plan very nicely.

A healthy lifestyle has a lot of benefits: you’ll be healthier, fitter, and stronger. Your whole family will be sick less often. You will all be able to participate in a full range of the activities you all love, together. You’ll be better able to contribute to your community, help your family and your neighbors. You’ll have less stress, and be better able to handle normally stressful situations. And whether you choose an ACA (“Obamacare”) health insurance option or a Christian health plan, healthy living can have a powerful financial benefit.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a fancy gym or commercial diet plan. In fact, healthy living can be very simple. It starts with some old-fashioned choices about what you eat and what you do.

How healthy living can save you money

  • Smoking and other unhealthy vices — A smoking habit can cost you as much as $3,600 a year. No matter how long you’ve been smoking, kicking the habit now will add to your life expectancy. It also has some immediate and long-term health benefits. Non-smokers also typically have substantially lower premiums for both health and life insurance. Some Christian health plans require that you do not smoke or consume alcohol, so check the fine print on the plan — and on your life choices, too.
  • Groceries — It’s not true that fresh food is more expensive. Fast food restaurants do not provide the same level of nutrition that fresh food provides, and therefore not the same health benefits. Plan your meals for a week and take advantage of specials at the grocery store. You’ll end up feeling better physically, emotionally and financially.
  • Transportation — Consider walking or bicycling to work instead of driving. You’ll save on gas, insurance, maintenance and parking while boosting your fitness and immunity. At the same time, spending more time outdoors will have a noticeable impact on your mood — noticeable to your family and friends, that is.
  • Clothing — If your weight yo-yos like many Americans’, you know how expensive it can be to update your wardrobe all the time. Instead of binging and crash-dieting, shift to a healthier lifestyle that maintains a consistent, healthy weight.
  • Entertainment — Instead of binge-watching streaming TV or spending hours with a game console, enjoy what nature has to offer. Get outside and walk, run, or hike through the woods. Take the family along to reinforce those special bonds. It’s free and it improves your health, mood and family ties.

Health coverage costs

A healthy lifestyle that incorporates a healthful diet and regular activity means you’ll be sick less often. Research shows that more active children who consume a healthful diet are less likely to contract colds, flus and other common childhood ailments.

This means fewer trips to the doctor or urgent care clinic, which can be a major hit to the pocketbook no matter what kind of health plan you have. You’ll also end up paying for fewer prescriptions and treatments, too.

Fewer claims for coverage can help keep your premiums down, too. Or put another way, more claims can result in a rise in your premiums, as many insured under Obamacare have found.

Healthy living reduces your chances of developing long-term, or chronic illness, including diabetes, osteoarthritis and obesity. According to the CDC, obesity costs Americans $147 billion a year for medication, medical care and surgery.

Mental illness also costs Americans $34 billion a year in direct health care costs and workplace inefficiency, not to mention the emotional and social costs on families. A healthy lifestyle that incorporates good diet and regular activity has had proven impacts on good mental health.

Are Christian health plans right for you?

Most health insurance providers, whether commercial or Christian health plans, encourage their policy holders to adopt healthier lifestyle choices. It makes sense for all around.

Whether you opt for a Christian health,traditional health insurance under the ACA, or other faith-based health coverage choices, call us at Health Choice One for guidance to the right plan for you.