With temperatures slowly rising across the nation, many people are more than ready to trade in their snow shovels and winter boots for spring break vacation plans or summer sandals. Travel is an exciting way to explore new places, visit friends and family, and share new experiences with the people you love. But for those with limited health care options, travel also means taking chances that no harm or accident will occur while away from home.

Many health insurance providers limit their non-emergency coverage to care within the state where a plan is issued. If you are someone who travels often for work, frequently visits older children out of state, or other situations that find you leaving home for days or weeks at a time, this type of coverage can feel a little “iffy.” The good news? Christian health insurance plans provide covered members with the ability to travel with their insurance plans, nationwide, with access to Christian health insurance providers across the country.

What are the benefits of a Christian health insurance plan?

Along with the ability to take your insurance coverage on vacation, there are other benefits to this type of insurance plan. If saving money, living with a focus on Christian principles, and having the religious support of others like you sounds like an appealing way to enjoy life, read on for more insight into Christian health insurance plans, and whether they’re a good fit for you and your family.

A little extra in your wallet. Monthly payments are cheaper with Christian health insurance ministries than are monthly premiums paid to traditional insurance providers. The amount you pay correlates to the coverage you receive. Need less coverage? No need to pay for services you’re not using. Need more coverage? For a higher monthly payment, you’ll enjoy greater coverage. The choice is yours.

Choose your providers, in any state. Unlike traditional insurance, Christian health insurance plans give you the flexibility to choose your own providers, regardless of the state. Perhaps you spend the summer months away from home at a second property, or visiting family out of state. Depending on the ministry, members may select doctors for self and family in multiple locations. In today’s world, many people travel more frequently, and this type of plan easily accommodates the need for medical care in a variety of locations.

Open enrollment happens always! Christian health insurance plans do not require contracts, which eliminates the need for open enrollment periods. No need to wait for a specific time period to enroll; you can sign up at any time! Christian health care plans are open and available at any time, regardless of life events or employment situations. Whether you need to adjust coverage or add supplemental insurance, we can help you get situated with a simple call.

A supportive community of like-minded members. Christian insurance ministries provide a different approach to the cost of medical care. Rather than each person for him- or herself, members work together to bear one another’s financial medical burdens. Christian health insurance plans provide a cost-sharing method of covering medical expenses, with a foundation of faith-based community at its heart.

This approach to health care also provides members with the motivation to live a healthier lifestyle, as negative choices that impact health can have a ripple effect on others. When you know others are leaning on you and you on them, you may find yourself more committed to eating well, exercising regularly and taking better care of your body. In the event of a major illness or injury, you won’t need to work with a corporate insurance company who may not care about your personal or spiritual needs. Rather, you’ll lean on a Christian-based community founded on support and prayer.

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Christian health care insurance plans offer a different experience for members. If you think this type of plan could be right for you, we’ll work with you to review coverage, costs and benefits. Contact our offices in Dallas, Texas, Uniontown, Ohio or Orland, Fla. We’re at your service and look forward to helping you reach your insurance goals.